Digital Volcano Vaporizer Vs Volcano Vaporizers

classic volcano vaporizerChoosing between a volcano vaporizer, and a digital volcano vaporizer, is not as easy as it sounds ? I’m guessing if you found the post, then you where searching for comparisons between both vaporizers, and trying to decide which one to go for… well, I will try my best, to give you all the infomation on both vaporizers, and hopefully it well help you decide.

Firstly, the volcano vaporizer, it’s a classic, and still a popular of vape in Europe, Canada and especially the USA, and all there medical dispensaries, where patience utilize both the classic volcano vape, and the newer model ie the digital version.

The advantages of the original volcano vape, is that it is actually cheaper that the newer digital version. A lot of the veteran vapers, prefer the classic version, as they view the digital problems, could bring more problems in future.. you know how good old technology can go.. and some of the old school vapers, I find, are just not into all the bells and whilstels so to speak, of the modern digital version. Whilst the younger crowd, generally be more drawn to the digital version, since it looks super cool, and very technical. Below is a picture of the digital version of the volcano vaporizer, and to the top left is the “classic” version of the volcano vaporizer. As you can see, they do look very similar in style, however, the digital version offers more “granular control” im my honest opinion, as your able to set it to a presice temperature, as opposed to the “classic” version, which has a dial, and basic numbers 1 to 8, and you basically set the temperature.volcano vaporizersSay for example 4… where as on the digital version, you can set the temperature, to say for 180 degrees, and you can see the temperature visibly. The reason why this is important, is because this is what controls the heating element, and it’s where you herbs will be… Go to hot, and you spoil the flavor, and get some what of a straw like taste. Set it to around about the middle mark, and you will get the most flavorful creamy vape, that you will ever experience. Both are amazing vaporizers.. It’s a question off basically, do you want a classic dial, or a digital version?


In the end, they are both cool, they are both big hitters, and both are created by the same company! Either way, your making an amazing investment, as the original has been out for well over 10 years, and continues to hold it’s price. Both have amazing health benefits, as both will get rid of the bad, and just leave pure vape goodness. If your going to smoke, do it in style! and been cautious off your health.


Let us know which one was your favorite, by leaving comments below.


Happy Vaping!!